Our Story

Our story started in 2019 when our founder, Danny Lewis set out his vision - to create an enterprise that would enable reinvestment into up and coming Jiu Jitsu talent.

As a black belt Jiu Jitsu practitioner himself, and someone who had faced his own struggles and blockages in his long journey, he really understood the importance of opening up opportunities and indiscriminately supporting as many well-deserving practitioners as he could.

Thanks to a small, but loyal group of followers and avid supporters, our Jiu Jitsu club went from strength to strength and we were finally able to start diversifying and turning the vision into some sort of reality. So our fight wear clothing range was born; a range that would not only deliver our awesome designs and great value for money, but fantastic quality too. (As we know, fight wear needs to withstand a bit of rough and tumble!).

Legend has it that one of our practitioners on the scene, (name not important here), was so driven, that he not only got the tap-out, but it was like he virtually took the soul from his opponent. He became known as ‘The SoulTaker’. And that is how the SoulTaker brand came to be!

Soul Taker Fight Wear was the key that opened the door to our sponsorship programme and the ability to reinvest in Jiu Jitsu athletes. Equality of opportunity was (and continues to be) at the heart of our brand. We offered our first sponsorship in 2020.

Since then, we are so proud to have supported and sponsored many athletes, with fight wear and competitions across the globe. You may have already seen our SoulTaker brand being worn on the World’s biggest Jiu Jitsu stages.

We are so thankful to everyone who has supported us, in supporting others on their individual journeys. Big thanks for choosing the SoulTaker brand and for creating opportunities for the next generation of athletes, for endorsing our values on equality of opportunity and for wearing your new awesome gear with pride. 

  • Danny Lewis

    Danny, the mastermind behind Soultaker. He is the force that set this incredible journey in motion. Our big boss, our brain, and our ultimate inspiration! A black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and a fearless coach in MMA, Danny's versatility is the heartbeat of Soultaker. He's the mastermind behind those mind-bending competition classes that leave us all craving for victory, with his signature battle cry: "Whose hungry?! Who wants to be champ?!” that echoes through every session, turning sweat and effort into a feast of achievement! You might just catch the Soultaker bug of Danny-guided, Soultaker-powered training sessions. Danny's vision, passion, and appetite for success are the driving forces behind every move we make. Danny is our fearless leader, and the heart of the St.Albans Submission Grappling family.

  • Sid Khan

    Sid, the powerhouse of Soultaker. He is the backbone, the right-hand man, and the amiable “big man” as what Danny always calls him. A brown belt in Jiujitsu under Professor Danny. He handles every stock and ensures that every gear piece finds its way into your eager hands. Sid's commitment to excellent customer service is unmatched. And speaking of eager hands, Sid is the friendly face behind every Instagram inquiry, ensuring that your Soultaker experience is as smooth as a seamless transition on the mat. With a heart as big as his stature, he's the nicest guy around - the one who brightens up our days with his positivity and warmth. So next time you're sliding into our DMs, you know who is on the other end ready to assist you! Your journey with Soultaker is in the best hands with Sid.

  • Grace Ycong

    Grace, the architect of Soultaker's visual tapestry. She is the newest member and the wizard behind the lens for every photoshoot. She is the creative mind behind the trendy reels and the captivating photos on Instagram! She's the virtuoso curating our visual identity. Each image, each video, carries the essence of Soultaker's indomitable spirit. She is a white belt under the wing of Professor Danny and she’s diving head first into the world of Jiujitsu. But she's no stranger to the grit and grind of martial arts, she is also a Muay Thai enthusiast, for years she’s been channelling her energy into mastering the art of eight limbs. Grace is Soultakers maestro of Marketing, the enchanter, the strategist, and the fiery force breathing life into Soultaker's essence.